The magic is not the disappearing act. The magic is forgetting you saw the strings attached. Claude and his closest friends are haunted by absence, loss, and a mysterious being: Papini. Val has disappeared, and Andrew, Claude’s brother, never came home. Papini slowly fills the space they left behind. Claude reacts as they always have: by writing a story. That story is adrenaline-fuelled voodoo. From brand new theatre collective Felicity, this interdisciplinary performance is intimate, cosmic and thrilling. It’s a body-high for those seeking theatrical amphetamine. Come disappear. No strings attached.

Contains adult themes, self-injurious behavior, use of strobe lighting and haze.

Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.

If you have any access requirements, please book directly through Smock Alley Theatre on 01-667-0014.

Photo:Colm Summers