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Become a Dublin Fringe Festival volunteer in 2018!

25 July 2018

Become a Dublin Fringe Festival volunteer in 2018!

Each September, a rampant outbreak of individuals or clusters of bodies don t-shirts and voluntarily run about the city directing the public and strangers alike to immersive themselves in Fringe: this strain of binge ‘festivalling’ is wholeheartedly encouraged.

Our Volunteer aides and nurses are becoming a national institution – their passion and spirit are as infectious and fresh to performers, artists, producers and writers as when Fringe first started back in the nineties. Their selfless commitment helps the festival to showcase the best in new Irish talent and the most innovative international performers. #SharingIsCaring

Fringe Benefits: Positive lasting outcomes may include prescribed parties to heal our fight-fatigued souls and soothe us with filthy laughs, distil rage and brew art from the inexpressible. Volunteering and Fringe combined is the adrenaline of chance, limitless euphoria and ‘joy as an act of resistance’.

Fringe Side Effects: long exposure to such euphoric events and revelations may lead one to becoming, as our Chief In Residence has noted, ‘a dreamer and doer, wordsmith and radical, crafter, grafter or pirate’.  These outwardly signs of artistic emotion and inclusion are not to be frowned upon but nurtured so they can step in and carry on the legacy. Volunteering is an advantageous addiction that stokes the artist in all of us.

Why not volunteer with us? We have positions as supervisors, Front of House & Ticketing Volunteers, Admin & Production as well as Outdoor Marshalls & Street Team vacancies.

So why not take a chance and volunteer – you never know, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the Performing Arts in Dublin –#OurFringeBrigade

“Art Should Comfort The Disturbed, And Disturb The Comfortable” - A Keen But Anonymous Arts Observer (probably a one time Volunteer)


How to become a Volunteer Fringe Alchemist
Simply complete the Volunteers application prescription here (or PDF version here) and email it back to Matron Mama Paul Donnelly by 19 August to be included in our Recruitment Day Clinic invite. Any questions, comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact this Festival Volunteer Matron Paul Donnelly at


Shy, Curious or just Damn Right Inquisitively Concerned?
Showing symptoms of Volunteering-itis but still not sure that you want to be diagnosed – why not come along to our Open Recruitment Call Clinic on Saturday 18 August @ 17:00 in Studio 2, FRINGE LAB. Hear our Festival Volunteering Family’s secrets: why it just works; why our Annual Bake Off #SoggyBottomsUnite is the most sought after competitive event of the festival; and why you should just embrace that volunteering itch. #VolunteerCultureIsCulture

Deadline for completed applications is Sunday 19 August 2018, 5pm sharp


- Paul Donnelly - Mother FRINGE -  Fringe Volunteers Coordinator 

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