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Fringe FUSE Spoken Word: line up revealed

28 November 2018

Fringe FUSE Spoken Word: line up revealed


Daniel Breslin

Daniel Wade

Emmet O'Brien 

Mia Doring

Roxanna Nic Liam

Trudie Gorman

Tuesday 4 December, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
The Vintage Room, The Workman's Club
Admission: free

"Every night in basement bars, arts centres, theatres and gaffs, there is a chorus of truths being spoken. A boom of voices. Brave and bold. Born from the magnificent rumble of spoken word in Ireland. It’s a rising tide but it’s not a fad. This is an ancient rumble connecting deep to the Irish oral tradition and our lived sense of poetry. It permeates the every day and I don’t think we could lose it if we tried.

As the rising tide of spoken word continues to swell there are a new wave of poets emerging and a new wave yet to emerge. With that growth comes the potential of transformation. To me, this is what Art is about.

An artform in stasis is a dying one. We need new minds, new ideas, boundaries pushed and broken. We need to take the artform, love it, understand it, stretch it, break it if we need to, and constantly remake it. 

Years ago I read about a music teacher telling students to ‘hit them bad notes hard!’ and it’s always stuck with me. When you’re starting out in any artform, that fear of making mistakes, of not being good enough, can stop us taking the risks that are necessary in making great art. Come join us for Fringe FUSE where we can celebrate beginnings and mistakes, and explore what happens when we leave fear at the door and leap head first into risk."

- Linda Devlin, curator


Fringe FUSE curated by Linda Devlin
Poets will participate in a FRINGE LAB workshop led by Emmet Kirwan 

Read more about Emmet, Linda, and our call out here.

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