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Marina Carr Mentors Fringe Artists

19 August 2016

Marina Carr Mentors Fringe Artists


FRINGE LAB is a place where artists come together to meet, collaborate and learn from each other year round. Here at Fringe, we want to give this community of artists access to the most exciting influences, the most skilled makers and the best expertise possible. This summer, it was our great pleasure to welcome leading playwright Marina Carr as a Playwriting Mentor.

Facilitated by FRINGE LAB, programmed artists Jeda de Brí and Finbarr Doyle (TRYST), Diane Crotty (RISK) and Oisín McKenna (Gays Against the Free State!) had a series of meetings with Marina to discuss their new texts, currently in development for their premiere at Fringe next month.

Jeda de Brí and Finbarr Doyle of Sicklemoon Productions will present TRYST at The Lir Academy from September 20 – 24. The play explores the price of curiosity and the limitations of friendship. Jeda said it was “a privilege and a pleasure” to work with Marina, as she “allowed us to expand our concept of where the piece could go and she encouraged us to embrace the darker sides of the play and lead us to realise that our characters could be more cruel whilst still retaining their humanity.”

From September 15 -24, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Theatre Co.’s RISK will be performed at The New Theatre. Written and directed by Diane Crotty, the play follows two sisters as they search for somewhere to run when their father’s empire begins to crumble. Diane says that despite the initial shock on hearing Marina would be looking at her script, she found the process extremely rewarding and insightful. “I spent most of our first meeting trying not to melt into a gloopy little fan-girly puddle on the floor. But when we started to talk about the play itself, she was a great help. She was concise and patient and she had questions. There are plenty of things in there that came from our conversations.”

Similarly, Oisín McKenna praised Carr for helping to make crucial and critical suggestions to the script of Gays Against the Free State! Oisín’s play, about the queer activism of today and the republican activism of the past, will run in Smock Alley Theatre from September 20 - 24. Oisín added that “Marina had an incisive eye for the pace and rhythm of the text – where the theatricality could be augmented, where it could subside, and when we needed to get to the next point quicker. She was particularly helpful in suggesting strategies for drawing out the human stories in the piece.”

Marina is an urgent theatrical voice and a celebrated playwright the world over. Her generous advice and considered feedback is both invigorating and invaluable. We’re delighted to have her support behind these three exciting new Irish plays.

TRYST: The Lir Academy, Sep 20 - 24
RISK: The New Theatre, Sep 20 - 24
Gays Against the Free State!: Smock Alley Theatre, Sep 20 - 24

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