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Fringe Chats: Show in a Bag Artists in Conversation

15 August 2017

Fringe Chats: Show in a Bag Artists in Conversation

For the past seven years, Show in a Bag has brought to you the little shows that had something big to say. We’re proud to present four brilliant works this September with our partners Irish Theatre Institute and Fishamble: The New Play Company. We turned to the artists – Kate, Michael, Rose and Liz – to fill us in on what to expect at Bewley’s Café Theatre next month.

Michael Patrick: How long did you have the idea for Kicking All the Boxes in your head before you decided to do something about it, Liz?
Liz Fitzgibbon: I suppose I always thought if I was going to make my own show I would have kickboxing as a theme and since getting Show In a Bag the story has developed.


Rose Henderson: Does having a deadline help you or does it stress you out, Kate?
Kate Stanley Brennan: Having a deadline is really helpful for me as it gives me something to work toward. Otherwise who knows when I'd get anything done! It means you can take things bit by bit rather than getting overwhelmed by the piece as a whole also.


Liz: How do you write, Rose and Pat? Separately or together? 
Rose: Pat and I met in FRINGE LAB to thrash out ideas. Then he would go off to research and I would go off to write. I threw the scenes on paper without seeking a narrative and this jumble of scenes gave a feeling of confusion which we liked given the topic. I wanted there to be fun as well as desperate loss, and Pat supplied the worst jokes which had us laughing. We rearranged the scenes into a timeline and this showed us where there were areas of imbalance. Then with Liam, our director, on board, we stood the scenes up on the floor and inched our way forward, feeling for what kind of scene was needed next. 


Kate: What was your inspiration for My Left Nut, Michael?
Michael: A friend of mine, Keith Singleton, was part of Show in a Bag last year, and I loved the premise of it. When the applications came round this year, I sat down in the pub with my long-time collaborator Oisín Kearney and list of ideas for shows. We realised they were all terrible and we gave up, we'd find something else to work on, Show in a Bag wasn't for us. A few pints later I start retelling all these crazy stories about the time I had a giant testicle when I was a teenager. When it happened, I didn't tell anyone for years, and it just kept growing and growing and growing. My school friends saw the bulge and thought it was something else entirely... Oisín turns to me and says "write about that". I thought he was crazy, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The stories are hilarious, it might help some men out there open up about their health, and I get to use it to tell my mother's story. A woman who raised four kids on her own after her husband died. In a way the show is really a thank you letter to my mum for everything she's done for our family.


Liz: Kate, are you using all original music in your piece?
Kate: Ninety percent of the music will be original with a few samples added by the awesome Handsome Paddy who is DJing in the show for nostalgia sake. But all the songs are my own with production by the brilliant Adam Fogarty aka MathMan and some tracks from my deadly little bro Johnny Brennan aka Bobofunk.


See all four shows at Bewley’s Café Theatre @ Powerscourt from 11 September. Book tickets now for: Walk For Me (by Kate Stanley Brennan); My Left Nut (by Michael Patrick); Kicking all the Boxes (by Liz Fitzgibbon); Take Off Your Cornflakes (by Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan).

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