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Fringe Artistic Statement 2016

18 January 2016

Tell me this and tell me no more - how’re you keeping?

A year is a long time. The next edition of Tiger Dublin Fringe will happen in a whole new landscape. Ireland, you came of age and you came together; nailed rainbow flags to the mast, claimed the nation; made a home worth voting for. Surprised by your own power, you revelled in it. Whispers became roars, questioning the makers of both policy and taste. You took action via feet and tweet, impatient for some better choices, or just choice. You gave equality a megaphone.

Change is sexy and now we’re insatiable. We’re craving to hear your vision and match it in harmony and dissonance with ours. The floodgates are open and a righteous national to-do list has begun. Let’s tell stories that are bigger than ourselves. Show us something that we haven’t seen before.

Let’s push boundaries. Let’s bust up taboos. Fringe is where trends get set, where new styles of work and ideas are born. The radicals and experimentalists, the artists whose projects just don't fit in the box, the crafters, the grafters, the misfits and the clarion voices will continue to thrive at Fringe. This is the festival where artists make their mark. Formal innovation and weird-out-wild experiences are hallmarks of each Fringe, as is singularity.

Picture September 2016. How’s the view? Easter risen with all the names named and dates marked. That terrible beauty of ours will be a hundred years old. When autumn rolls around, we will be steeped in our past. With commemoration made, a significant chapter closes. It’s time to write new ones. Zoom out from those events and their aftermath.  You know whose shoulders you’re standing on. Now, it’s all you. Choose your own adventure, lead us into the boundless unknown.

Where have the last 100 years brought us? To what futures do they propel us? Fringe 2016 will investigate ideas of consequence and possibility. We’ll take on the nation. We will harness and explore Ireland's connections to Europe and to the world. We will look at the responsibilities and preoccupations of the contemporary global citizen. Star gaze. Get intrepid. Choose. Sometimes the closest you can get to eternity is what you do this very second. Make real what must be real, now and in the time to be.

This is no place for nostalgia. Bring us your urgent, your authentic, the primal feeling in the pit of your gut, the most glittering constellations in your intellect. You are the seers, the diviners, you are ten steps ahead of us. Show us what you see. Take us somewhere we have never been. Keep reaching for that thing just beyond your grasp. Fringe has got your back.

People come to Fringe for keep your ticket stub kinds of experiences. They want intensity, rigour, exploration and delight. Let us know how and where you’re going to spread that special Fringe magic. Our home theatres you know and love will be the bedrock of the festival. The Spiegeltent will return; we’re hungry for proposals for singular nights, series, gigs and experiences inside this marvellous venue as well as on-site outdoor performances. Venturing out into galleries, pubs and outdoor spaces, bringing Dublin’s cityscape alive will remain a core Fringe exploit. These are the places where the stage gets set, what happens on them is up to you.

Excited yet? Good. Here’s more on what we’re coveting*:

- Glorious, sensorial performances that you feel, that you see when you close your eyes.
- Rollercoasters of intellectual playfulness.
- The genre-bending, the formally inventive and the visually radical.
- Grit / Aesthetic purity / Ideas and concepts with a contagious sense of purpose.
- Moments that make you chuckle to yourself on the LUAS, that trouble your conscience, that give you tingles of recognition.
- Big Nights Out. High-drama, luxe spectacle and throbbing dancefloors – worth buying a new gúna for.
- Craft. Skill. Consequent work that makes demands of both artist and audience.

*All made by big mouths, deep thinkers, bold movers, class cut-ups. Bad-asses all.

Bring us your best. Bring us your boldest, most urgent and wildest ideas. Be innovators, be rigorous, be true. We can’t wait to create an incredible 2016 with you.

- Kris Nelson, Festival Director and Ruth McGowan, Programme Manager


Please note the applications process for the 2016 festival is now closed. 

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