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Winners: Dublin Fringe Festival Awards 2017

23 September 2017

Winners: Dublin Fringe Festival Awards 2017

Fringe Awards recognise, reward and celebrate the hard work and talent on display in the festival each year. In 2017, 789 artists brought their intelligence, heart, division and drive to projects at the festival. The Awards hope to honour and acknowledge some of the stand-outs. After 460 performances of 81 shows in 34 venues across the city, here are the winners of the Fringe Awards 2017:

Best Production Award: NOT AT HOME
Nominees: Everything Not Saved / MDLSX / NOT AT HOME / Soldier Still / The Half of It

Best Design Award: Soldier Still
Nominees: Raven Eyed / Soldier Still / Susanne R. Day’s Toilers - Her Lost Play - as reconstructed by Painted Bird / Talk Real Fine, Just Like a Lady / The Half of It 

Best Performers Awards: Lucy McCormick (Triple Threat) & Silvia Calderoni (MDLSX)
Nominees: ​Alison Spittle (Alison Spittle, Worrier Princess) / Anita Salako (Nine) / Caoimhe O'Malley (Normal) / Donncha O'Dea (Dummy) / Ian Toner (The Shitstorm) / Julie Maguire (Susanne R. Day’s Toilers - Her Lost Play - as reconstructed by Painted Bird) / Karen Cogan (The Half of It) / Lucy McCormick (Triple Threat) / Siofra O'Meara (efficacy 84) / Silvia Calderoni (MDLSX)

Best Ensemble Award: Birdy
Nominees: Birdy / Fierce Notions / Foil Arms & Hog: OinK / How To Be Angry / Soldier Still

Judges' Choice Awards: TROPHY & Fierce Notions

Fishamble New Writing Award: All honey
Nominees: All honey / Fierce Notions / Normal / The Egg is a Lonely Hunter

First Fortnight Award: The Half of It
Nominees: Alison Spittle / FFFFFFFMILK / How To Be Angry / The Egg is a Lonely Hunter / The Half of It

Next Stage Wild Card Award: Hilary Woods

Bewley’s Café Theatre Little Gem Award: The Woods & Grandma
Nominees: Double Decker Bus / My Left Nut / The Egg is a Lonely Hunter / The Power of Wow / ​The Woods & Grandma

Spirit of Fringe, Spirit of Project Award: Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis 
Nominees: aon mhac tíre, nó roinnt mic tíre / Birdy / Deadline! / Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis / The Woods & Grandma 

Georganne Aldrich Heller Award: Everything Not Saved

Spirit of Wit Award: Conor O'Toole (Deadline!)

Nominees: Cal Folger Day (The Woods & Grandma) / Conor  O'Toole (Deadline!) / Fionn Foley (Fierce Notions) / Lucy McCormick (Triple Threat) / Peter Dunne (Dummy)

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